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Oil Spill Clean Up

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Emergency Oil Spill Cleaning Services

Any form of diesel or oil spillage needs to be cleaned up immediately by an experienced company to prevent long term damage to surfaces and polluting watercourses. Clean Tech services provide a rapid, discreet and efficient diesel and oil spill clean-up and removal service.

The clean-up and remediation process for an oil spill can be a difficult task to deal with. Several variables can create a tedious task no matter how experienced the technicians on the scene may be; however, each one of our technicians will have the training and knowledge to face any problem thrown their way. Various factors that can make a clean up harder can include:

  • Type of oil
  • Location of the spill
  • Weather conditions at the time
  • Amount of oil spilt
  • Proximity to delicate or preserved areas

Always call in the experts

Failure to react appropriately when an oil spill occurs can lead to the organisation being held liable for severe penalties. For example, if a company failed to prevent an oil spillage incident known as a pollution incident, this can result in prosecution by the Environment Agency. As a result, this will quickly lead to substantially significant fines and possible imprisonment. Subsequently, if injury from falling on said oil spill occurs, the health and safety prosecution may well follow civil claims for damages.

The best way you can protect your employees, business and the public is by calling in the experts such as Clean Tech to contain and remove the hazardous substance from the affected area in a way that is compliant with all the current legislation. While it is not always necessary, our accredited technicians can also carry out an odour neutralisation to ensure your business is back up and running in rapid time.

Liquids we have significant experience in cleaning up include:

  • Heavy fuel oils (HFO)
  • Highly oxidising/explosive chemicals
  • Fuel oils (Petrol, diesel, kerosene)
  • Hazardous acids such as sulphuric acid
  • Strong alkalis such as sodium hydroxide
  • Potential lethal hazardous substances

What should you do in the event of an oil spill?

If you suspect an oil leak within your home or workplace or have witnessed an oil spill, you need to act quickly and contact an emergency oil clean up company such as Clean Tech Services. Not taking action or assuming the problem will ultimately go away will result in long term damage to the premises and put human health in danger. 

If you have an oil spill, we will highly advise you to follow these steps to keep yourself and others around you safe and minimise the damage.

  • If there is a strong smell of oil, immediately ventilate the area by opening the doors and windows. Contact the environmental health department at your local authority for advice.
  • Keep all young children and pets away from the oil spill.
  • If you find oil on yourself, immediately wash your hands. Do not, under any circumstance, eat or smother if you are near the oil spill area.
  • Attempt to find where the leak is coming from; if it is safe to do so, attempt to stop the leak. Subsequently, placing a bucket to contain the oil will be just as helpful.
  • Attempt to establish precisely how much oil has been spilt or is leaking and informed your emergency company.
  • If the oil has spilt into or is near the drains or water environment such as rivers, ponds, groundwater, coastal waters etc., you must contact SEPA.
  • Keep a recording of all action you may have taken from the moment the spill occurred.

Following these steps while your emergency clean-up company is on the way will significantly reduce the likelihood of injury and allow you emergency contactors to have a complete understanding of the situation before they have even arrived.

Health and Safety concerns associated with oil spills

In any event, where a hazardous substance such as oil is spilt, the most crucial factor to consider is health and safety. Oils and chemicals can pose a significant health and safety risk through various ways such as:

  • Skin contact
  • Inhaling the fumes
  • Eye contact
  • Ingesting
  • Injury through falling

You mustn’t attempt to clean up the oil spill if you do not have the essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for the task. You must also have a thorough understanding of the risks associated with spilt oil and the hazards it may pose to human health.

Before any of our technicians entire the hazardous area will conduct a safety data sheet (SDS) to ensure we completely understand the potential risks of the spill substance and can make appropriate provisions to protect our oil spill technicians against them

How we create value for you

Whether the incident has occurred on or off site, in a loading bay or in transit, our national coverage gives us the advantage to reach you in rapid time no matter your location within the UK. In addition, we are very upfront with our rates with no hidden extras making it easier for our customers who may be on a budget. 

Emergency Oil Spill Clean-Up

Oil and diesel can cause catastrophic damage and serious repercussion if delays in containment and clean up occur. In addition, the longer the oil spillage is left to festering into the ground, water supply or drainage system, the higher the cost of the clean-up will be.

The waste associated with the oil spill clean-up will be appropriately removed from the site and transported to a licensed treatment facility. The waste will be processed and recycled if the material can be made safe again.

Clean Tech Service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to always be on hand for emergencies like an oil spill. Getting to your location is our top priority in a crisis. A team will be dispatched to you promptly to provide immediate action to minimise as much damage as possible.

If you require an experienced oil spill clean-up company, feel free to give our sales representatives a call on 0204 5381 592.

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