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Trauma Cleaning in London & Essex

Dealing with an undiscovered death, witnessing a trauma incident, suicide, or unexpected death is not a situation anyone can be mentally or emotionally prepared for, especially if the deceased is a family member. In addition, the cleaning process that follows after a loved one has passed can often be highly overwhelming to friends and loved ones to handle.

We help property owners, families, and businesses deal with the aftermath left by these traumatic situations. At Clean Tech Services, we believe no one should ever have to suffer through the pain of attempting to clean up a trauma incident.

We are a company who are dedicated to training our staff to the utmost highest standards, especially when it comes to services that involve bio-hazard cleaning.

Discreet and reliable trauma cleaning service.

Trauma cleaning – also known as trauma scene management, is a highly specialised discipline, requiring specific training, in-depth knowledge and awareness of the risks to both the technicians involved in the trauma cleaning and any third parties involved.

We understand with a trauma situation, the company you hire needs to be discreet, rapid and experienced to ensure the emotional side of the incident is dealt with with sympathy and respect. Therefore, our accredited technicians will never remove or throw away contaminated belongings unless stated by the family. We will attempt to deeply clean and disinfect the objects within the contaminated area; however, on occasions, we will have to remove belongings altogether as they pose a high risk to human health.

Why choose our trauma cleaning service?

Many general cleaners will not have the emotional training to deal with such an incident; it could negatively impact their mental health, which is why it is vital to call in an experienced, professional company.

  • We have the latest industry-leading technologies, NHS approved chemical substances for cleaning, along with effective techniques to attempt to restore your buildings furniture and fabric. If we cannot restore any of your belonging, we will provide you will evidence you can use to support an insurance claim to be replaced.
  • Health and safety are at the centre of our mind as experience cleaning technicians; before starting any work, our lead technicians will always carry out an entire method statement and risk assessment available to our customers upon request.
  • Clean Tech technicians are highly trained to manage a trauma and crime scene’s technical challenges and the emotional turmoil associated with the service. In addition, our technicians are experienced working in environments that may cause substantial distress to general cleaning staff or the public.

For more information regarding the safe removal of a trauma clean up and disposal of hazardous waste, please contact us on 0204 5381 592 for complete details.

Trained and Accredited Technicians  

We will only ever allow technicians that have not completed training and hold a Ultima Trauma Cleaning certification on-site to complete a trauma cleaning service. This is to give our customers peace of mind when we are on-site that the service will be completed to the utmost professional level and have any hazardous material removed. In addition, the majority of individuals will not know that hazardous waste must be disposed of correctly according to the relevant legislation.

The invisible risks

We would always strongly advise you never to attempt to clean up a trauma or crime scene yourself. A train professional must immediately contain any potential risk to human health and begin sanitising the area before disposing of potentially hazardous waste. There are a variety of harmful blood-borne pathogens that can easily be cross-contaminated, such as:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

These pathogens can be transferred from objects to humans vial bodily fluids or tissue matter, resulting in the now contaminated individual becoming seriously ill.

Emergency Trauma Cleaning Service

Clean Tech’s trauma cleaning team is on call 24/7 to provide a rapid, discreet and fully documented trauma cleaning service to landlords, drug rehabilitation centre, local councils, house associations, schools across the entire of London and the South East area.

As established trauma cleaning specialists, we are fully licensed, insured and experienced to take on even the most daunting situations.

National guidelines and legislations

A trauma cleaning service commenced by Clean Tech Services is operated under the strictest guidelines and legislation surrounding the cleaning process. Due to the nature of this specific service, the guidelines will have been heavily magnified due to the potential hazard of bodily fluids present and an even more significant risk to human health via cross-contamination.

NHS Approved Chemicals and Cleaning Processes

The vital part of a trauma cleaning service is too deep clean and disinfect the highly contaminated areas, belongings and possible upholstery. Biohazard cleaning technicians need a keen eye for details, primarily when the trauma incident occurs indoors. From the grout in the ceiling to minor cracks in the wooden floorboards under the carpet, every single material within the contaminated areas needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This ensures that no particles are left within the tiny cracks of the site that would eventually release a sour odour throughout the apartment.

If a professional company does not profoundly clean an area after a trauma or crime scene incident, the blood-borne pathogens that would still be lingering pose a substantial risk to human health. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies do not have the experience or equipment to complete a complete deep clean, resulting in the premise still being a biohazard without the occupant knowing. The correct decontamination, removal and disposal procedures must be adhered to avoid any further contamination within the trauma scene itself.

Clean Tech Services are heavily invested in encouraging our technicians to complete further training to keep our outstanding reputation through our completed services. As a result, our technicians are further trained to understand the best technology to use in the circumstance and the most efficient way to use the equipment. The solutions and technologies we use when it comes to trauma cleaning have been NHS approved. Subsequently, this allows our customers to feel happy knowing that the contaminated area has been entirely eradicated from any biohazards that pose a risk to human health. 

If you find yourself in need of a trauma cleaning service or are just after some advice for your current situation, call Clean Tech today on 0204 5381 592.

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