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Bird Dropping Removal

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Bird dropping removal, also known as bird guano is never a nice sight, especially for customers on your premises or within your home.

Bird Guano Removal Services

Bird Dropping Removal Service

Bird droppings, also known as bird guano, are a common sight in UK towns and cities. If left uncontrolled, they can build up to become a hazard to human health and a risk to buildings.

The species that causes the biggest guano problem in towns and cities is the pigeon. It roosts in roof spaces and on window ledges in large numbers, depositing huge amounts of guano over time. Other birds, such as gulls and starlings, can also cause serious problems.

That is why Clean Tech Services provides a bird guano cleaning and removal service that comprehensively deals with the problem and, as a result of our pest control expertise, can include measures to prevent it returning.

Clean Tech Services provides a complete bird guano cleaning service across commercial and domestic properties often being used by office landlords, property letting agents, facilities maintenance (FM) providers, surveyors, local authorities, retailers, housing landlords, and manufacturers.

We often work with surveyors, developers and construction companies when they are refurbishing and modernising buildings that have been derelict for some time to remove guano before work is begun.

Clean Tech Services also provides a bird dropping clean-up service for private householders, for example where balconies in blocks of flats have become contaminated, making them unusable until they are professionally and safely cleaned.

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Common Questions

Bird Dropping Removal FAQ

Find below a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for Bird Dropping Removal that we get asked regarding our services. If you have a question that isn't mentioned, please contact a member of our team today.

  • What is bird guano?

    Bird guano is bird droppings or excrement commonly seen across the UK in towns, cities and other built up areas caused by pigeons.

  • Is bird guano dangerous?

    Bird guano is considered dangerous as bird droppings can contain various bacteria and viruses potentially causing serious health hazards to members of the public. It is always recommended to consult a professional for the clean up and disposal of bird guano.

  • Do you offer prevention of bird guano as well?

    Yes! There are various techniques to stop pigeons and other unwanted birds from your property such as installing netting, spikes and electric fences. Clean Tech Services offer a combined service to remove and protect your premises from bird guano.

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