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Mould Remediation for a Landlord in Marlow

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A landlord based in Marlow suffered a leak in the flat roof of a property intended to be re-let. As the water left behind from the leak had not been treated, a high level of moisture built up, eventually leading to mould spores forming. The mould started to form across the top of the ceiling and soon paved the way for an environment for the mould to spread throughout the ceiling of this particular room. If left untreated, the mould could have spread further across the whole property.

Providing a fast and effective turnaround time for this particular client was pivotal; and that’s precisely why Clean Tech Services were called in to help. Our full mould remediation services meant:

  1. Damage to the affected areas were treated quickly, therefore not spreading to other areas.
  2. The health risks of mould would be mitigated for any new tenants.
  3. The landlord could get his property back on the market with minimal downtime/loss of earnings.

Identifying and Stripping Affected Areas

Before actioning anything on a mould remediation job undertaken by our team, it is vital that our team suit up and are equipped with the appropriate protective personal equipment (PPE). Next steps to both identify and treat the affected areas included stripping down the original ceiling panels of where the leak originated. To ensure mould had not spread throughout other areas of the ceiling unbeknowingly, inspection cameras scoured the remaining ceiling showing no other traces of mould being found. 

As the original water leak had seeped through the ceilings and all its foundations below, the insulation needed to be removed and discarded appropriately. Once the bare bones of the affected ceiling areas were exposed, the beams and other remaining organic materials could then be treated. 

Application and Treatment

Our full mould remediation service included treating both the hard surfaces as well as tackling the airborne mould spores that surrounded the affected areas. For tackling the dangerous airborne mould spores, our comprehensive ULV fogging treatment was used to suppress any toxins or spores present. 

Clean Tech Services’ state of the art, ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machines are used to pump out large quantities of air at a low pressure. As a result, this means that our ULV foggers were able to evenly treat the surrounding areas and have full coverage of the space. Our ULV fogging machines pose various advantages; another one worth highlighting for this particular scenario was being able to treat and reach difficult places throughout the space; especially within the ceilings.  

Reinstatement Works

The next stage of our mould remediation service included carrying out the final reinstatement works to put the property back to an appropriate condition. These steps included replacing anything that needed to be discarded from the original ceiling, installing brand new insulation alongside various other materials and reassembling the new ceiling with the electrics being put back exactly where they were originally.

Our technicians at Clean Tech Services completed the full scope of work within the clients requested time frame. The property was back to safe and habitable conditions for the landlord, tenants and other trades working on the property. We’re pleased to be able to pass over the property to the painters and decorators who were the final stage before the property could be let.

If you are a landlord or homeowner in a similar situation suffering from mould in your property, speak to our mould removal experts today and get your free estimate.