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Contingency Plans for Your Business

Contingency Plans for Your Business

What is a Contingency Plan?

Coronavirus has made us all sit up and take stock of how a global pandemic can effect business operations. Environmental problems, cyber security, deliberate damage and graffiti on property, deep cleaning of offices and factories after breakouts of diseases such as coronavirus and norovirus, problems with sewage backups on the premise – all of these require contingency planning which includes rapid access to services such as … in order to minimise the potentially disastrous consequences to any business. 

A contingency plan can never cover every event on a large or small scale but will help mitigate most occurrences of damage as well as help your business to manage unexpected events and hopefully lessen damage to profits and the future of the business. Writing a contingency plan is similar to a risk-assessment plan. It is well worth taking time to think about preparing for an event such as fire, criminal damage, flooding (if your area is prone to floods), additional cleaning requirements, leaks of sewage, chemical spillages etc. 

In addition, consider in your contigency plan the possibility of security threats including data hacking, malware, changes and updates to your website should be scheduled regularly. 

It is crucial to be able to contact all employees and contacts so relevant information needs to be updated and kept securely in line with data protection legislation. 

As with all planning, regular reviews of requirements for contingency planning need to be scheduled and clear communication channels are required for a smooth and effective service. 

Top Tip: Ensure that you have a direct number or a dedicated person to reach out to if you ever need to utilise part of your contigency planning. This will help speed up the reaction time and mitigate as much damage as possible.

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